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Why choose a height adjustable standing desk

The height-adjustable desk is becoming more and more popular. In some countries it is already the standard to use a height-adjustable desk as your workplace. In this article, we briefly explain why a height adjustable desk is so popular.

Why do people and companies buy a height adjustable desk?

The first companies started in the late nineties with the purchase of sit-stand desks. Sitting-stand desks are simply height adjustable desks that can be electrically or manually operated. In recent years, the popularity of a sit/stand desk has been increasing. The reason for this is because people realize that working in a seated position is not always healthy. Office people sit all day, so they hardly move. If you don’t have an electric desk, you don’t have much choice, so you have to sit still all day, with all the risks that go with it. Nowadays it is more and more a requirement to have an adjustable desk in your office.

What are the three biggest reasons to buy a height adjustable desk?
1. Less back, shoulder and neck complaints
Prolonged sitting is a risk factor for the development of lower back pain. An alternative for office work is to stand up, but even when standing for long periods of time, an association has been found with low back pain. A combination of sitting and standing to get through a working day seems the perfect alternative.

2. Improves the productivity
By sitting for hours, the ability to concentrate can decrease. Furthermore it can also be pleasant to work in a standing position after having worked in a seated position for a while. Research has shown that standing workers are more productive when switching between sitting and standing than only sitting all day.  (CNN, 2016)

3. Maximum flexibility
A height-adjustable desk is a good solution for companies that work with flexible workplaces. Flex workers can very easily compose their own desk height. Unlike a desk that’s not adjustable.

When having a height-adjustable desk, it is important to make sure to adopt the right position. But what is the right position to work in standing position?
As first, be sure to stand up right when facing the screen. It is important that the screen is at eye level. This position must also be maintained when working in a seated position. As second it’s very important that the arms should be on the desk with an elbow angle of 90 degrees and the desk must be at elbow height. Then keep in mind that your arms must be along your body. Finally it’s important that the wrists remain natural. The fingers can hang down to meet the keyboard but the wrist should never be inclined up or down.

In short, a height-adjustable desk has many advantages. Not only does it give you a better posture, because you use your muscles more often, it also stimulates your blood circulation. Which will result in a more productive working days.

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