Manual Height Adjustable Desk

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Manual height adjustable desk is perfect for office, schools, home, and most working environments. Removable handle crank offers smooth, easy manual adjustable experience. Increase your focus, burn calories, and counteract the health effects of a sedentary life throughout your workday. The durable steel frame provides a long lasting unit that is sure to withstand heavy and repeated use. Enhanced support column design increases desk stability. Use this height adjustable desk as a long lasting investment for both your employees and your business.

Manual Height Adjustable Desk Includes:

  • 2 lift column
  • 1 Hand Crank
  • Without Table Top


Manual Height Adjustable Desk 

Includes: 2 lift column and 1 hand crank (Without Table Top)

Load Capacity Push ( N ) : 70 KG
Static Load pull (mm/s) : 20
Suggest Tabletop Size: 1200 ~ 1800 X 650 ~ 850 mm
Frame Orientation: Rectangular
Height adjust range(vertical) : 730~1230mm
Height adjust range(horizontal): 1000~1600mm


1 review for Manual Height Adjustable Desk

  1. Mohit Thorat

    Lovely height adjustable table from edesk india. Would like to share some pros and cons.

    Pros: Delivery on time, good quality, friendly people and price is very cheaper then any other suppliers.

    Cons: Color options not available for manual desk.

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