Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable Desk ( 2 Stage )

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Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable Table Frame (Two Stage) includes:

    • 2 lift column (Dual Motor)
    • 1 control box
    • 1 hand  control – 4 Memory Button
    • Without Table Top
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Electric Dual Motor Height Adjustable Desk Frame  (Two Stage)

  • Smooth and quiet operating system
  • Ergonomic recommended height adjustable desk
  • Enhanced engineering design without crossbar
  • Call +91 7021900742 for queries / bulk enquiries
Max. Lifting Capacity 120 KG
Leg Orientation Rectangular
Display Shows 70 – 117 cm
Operating Temperature 0 – 40° C
Material Steel
Motor Life 20000 times
Warranty 5 Years
Frame Size W(1075 – 1800) x D575mm
Speed 40 mm/s
Input Voltage 110 – 240V
Power 120 um
Top Size W(1200 – 2000) x D800mm
Top Height 25 mm
Column Height Range 690– 1150 mm
Frame Height Range 690– 1170 mm

11 reviews for Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable Desk ( 2 Stage )

  1. Dhanu Rana

    Product is good, price is very low as compared to others, but they don’t provide table top of our choice. but I will suggest prospective buyer to purchase from Edesk India.

  2. Rakesh P

    1) The item has been very well packaged. while it’s very heavy, all the parts are protected by foam with dedicated slots.
    2) again, the item is super heavy, high quality and heavy duty. I recommend that you install in the final place that you plan to put the table. otherwise, it’s no way that you can carry the whole frame to upstairs.
    3) the manual is well written. you won’t miss any single step. It takes 30min for me to put everything together. It comes with all the screws and the necessary tools.

  3. MK Mathur

    I am glad that I am using edesk india height adjustable desk.

    They have provided anti collision feature, which really saved my glass table top from being damaged.

  4. Robin Gupta

    IT’s exactly what I was looking for. I like the idea that without a table top as I can choose the material and size based on the space available. The build quality is very good. No wobble. The height adjustment is smooth. Thank you EDesk India

  5. Manish Suthar

    one of the best supplier in Mumbai and also in india which offer best quality with low price. Quick service and delivery.
    one should use standing desk daily and especially EDesk India

  6. Arvind

    fabulous product. best price and packaging. my clients are very happy using standing desk.

    We request you to kindly arrange more colors of height adjustable desk so that we can offer more variety to them.

  7. Joel D

    This base is perfect to make a Height adjustable standing desk. It is solid and stable. I’m 6’3″ and needed a desk that goes a bit higher than the standard models. Took about an hour to assemble. Smooth, quiet, electric motor with 4 presets. It is very easy to adjust from sitting to standing in an instant. The best part is you can build a quality desk from the top of an old desk or simply purchase a piece of solid wood from your local building supply. Most of the complete desks being sold online are cheap particle board.

  8. Augustine

    Very powerful electronic adjustable desk, love the memory feature, will remember 4 different positions (I only use 1 and 2 for stand and sit positions). this is really helpful for the gamer who sit too long and will reduce their neck and shoulders problem. the countertop is not included, I bought is separately, it is easy to install by you need to exactly follow the manual assembly book from the box to install, generally, it is a very sturdy, powerful and cool looking furniture that can be in your home or in your workplace.

  9. Akshay

    A perfect product and service.

  10. Paul

    I installed 8 of these for my office 2-3 months ago. Everyone loves them, and the desks are all still working perfectly

  11. Chris

    I received my new desk yesterday and am using it for the first time today. I am amazed by its range of height but is very stable.

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