Single Motor Height Adjustable Desk

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This Height Adjustable Table or Desk Includes:

  • 2 lift column (Single Motor)
  • 1 control box
  • 1 hand control
  • Without Table Top
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Single Motor Height Adjustable Desk

  • Smooth and quiet operating system
  • Ergonomic recommended height adjustable desk
  • Enhanced engineering design without crossbar
  • Call +91 7021900742 for queries / bulk enquiries
Max. Lifting Capacity 90 KG
Leg Orientation Square
Display Shows 73 – 121 cm
Operating Temprature 0 – 40° C
Material Steel
Motor Life 20000 times
Warranty 2 Years
Frame Size W(1150 – 1600) x D575mm
Speed 25 mm/s
Input Voltage 110 – 240V
Power 120 um
Top Size W(1200 – 2000) x D750mm
Top Height 25 mm
Column Height Range 670 – 1150 mm
Frame Height Range 710 – 1190 mm

6 reviews for Single Motor Height Adjustable Desk

  1. Anuj Dalvi

    I absolutely love the EDesk electronic standing desk frame because it’s incredible sturdy and works right every time. I think it’s great that they offer an option without a table top because it gives me the freedom of picking whatever desk top that I want or even building my own. The motors are smooth and quiet and the width adjustment is awesome. I’m actually planning on picking up another one of these so I can have one for my office and one to use with my 3D printing workshop. I recommend it for sure. I’ll post pics when I have a chance.

  2. Joseph John

    Best investment I have made! Strong and sturdy love it!

  3. Ritesh Kothari

    Fantastic height adjustable desk, very easy to setup. Put an existing top on it and couldn’t be happier. Had a small issue with the control mechanism going into idle and not turning back on, but customer service sent me a new one straight away and haven’t had any issues since. A+ product and A+ service

  4. Arjun Khude

    Sturdy, smooth and quite

    Can easily adjust height with a touch of a button.

  5. Sandip K

    Fabulous table base, easy to assemble.. only drawback it doesn’t have wheels!!!
    Great item

  6. Sushant Singh

    This is exactly what I was looking for. The electronic adjustable desk is a good design for gamer. Now I can stand up and just press on a button to adjust my desk to keep on playing when I sit for a long time. The motor is quite and legs are solid and stable. It works smoothly with 3 different position which you can customize the heights yourself.

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